Tts home join tts contact us cts ihctas ipita isodp ixa ita tid home officers meetings to join the society members bylaws member login/logout remember me login forgot your password? Tuesday, 09 october 2012 cts to join the society membership types below are available memberships: click here to continue on to the online application form. female viagra cream The transplantation society members paying for sections dues at the same time as tts receive a 50% discount on their tts dues. buy viagra Emerging nations residents receive a 50% discount on their tts dues. viagra without prescription The two discounts may be combined. Full member - $100 usd / year full members shall be physicians, surgeons, scientists or other specialists, who are actively engaged in the science or clinical practice of organ, cell and tissue transplantation. buy viagra without prescription Physicians and surgeons shall have advanced training or equivalent experience in the science and practice of organ and tissue transplantation. canadian viagra online no prescription Non-physicians, including coordinators, statisticians, and policy makers who hold a doctoral degree, a bachelor’s degree, or equivalent relevant certification must have professional experience in the field of transplantation with continuing and active involvement in clinical medicine or research, or transplantation public policy as determined by the membership committee. Trainee member - $50 usd / year trainee members shall include individuals enrolled in pre- or postdoctoral training programs relevant to the science and clinical practice of organ, cell and tissue transplantation, and individuals who have completed their training but have not yet qualified for full membership. cheap viagra tablets sale No individual may remain in this category more than eight years. Trainee members may not vote or hold office on the council but may serve on committees. Associate member - $50 usd / year associate members shall include individuals who have demonstrated a sustained and continued interest in the field of transplantation but who do not qualify for full or trainee membership. These individuals may not vote, hold office, or serve on committees but will have all other societal privileges. Associate members would include, for example, representatives from the pharmaceutical industry. canada generic viagra Cell transplant society full membership - $50 usd / year international hand and composite tissue allotransplantation society full membership - $50 usd / year international pancreas & islet transplant association full membership - $75 usd / year trainee membership- $35 usd / year international society for organ donation and procurement full membership - $50 usd / year international xenotransplantation association. can you buy viagra las vegas